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Steeplechase Daily Specials

Friday February 3, 2023



Dinner: Tuesday – Thursday 5:00 till 9:00; Friday & Saturday 5:00 till 9:30



Baked Potato

Chicken Enchilada



Monterey Chicken Sandwich

Crispy fried chicken tenders topped with bacon and melted Jack cheese served with ranch dressing, lettuce and tomato on a brioche roll, served with your choice of fries, tots, or chips   11.99



Mandarin Chicken Salad

Fried chicken morsels dipped in an oriental glaze served a top a bed of crisp greens tossed with Mandarin oranges, crisp wonton noodles, green onion, and sesame seeds served with a side of Asian ginger dressing 13.19


Fresh Catch:

Idaho Rainbow Trout

 A 10 oz whole, boneless, farm raised, rainbow trout that you can have grilled, or blackened served with your choice of two sides 23.39



New York Strip 14 oz

The steak lover’s choice. Sink your teeth into certified angus beef with a hearty flavor and a robust taste.  Served with your choice of two sides 29.99


Herb Mushroom Chicken Pasta

Chunks of tender chicken tossed with rotini noodles, herb mushroom cream sauce and sun-dried tomatoes, with fresh grated Parmesan cheese, (one of Steeplechase's original classics) 12.99


Mexican Street Corn Fritters

A deconstructed version of the popular Mexican Street corn made into a fritter consisting of roasted corn, jalapenos, cream cheese, and spices. Eight golden fried fritters served with a lime aioli sauce.   7.99


Daily Side:

Broccoli Casserole



Xango /   Key Lime Pie / Apple Pie Cookie

Salted Caramel Vanilla Crunch Cake


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During these unprecedented times, we continue to experience shortages in both staff and products.  Wait times may exceed expectations, as well as fluctuations in product availability.  Please have patience with us during this time!!!


Please Note!! Specials are subject to change, please check when placing your order!

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